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Our Programs

We offer several different types of weight loss/management options because we know everyone's goals are different! During your free consultation, our medical staff will customize a weight management plan based on your individual needs.

HCG Diet

This hormone assisted weight loss program uses a daily injection to aid in rapid weight loss. Paired with a very low-calorie, anti-inflammation diet, this program will help you reset your body's natural metabolism.

Low Calorie Meal Replacement Diet

All nutrition received from smoothies, shakes, and bars. Paired with a vitamin B12 injection that replaces nutrients from the foods cut out of your normal diet.

Modified Meal Replacement Diet

Some nutrition received from smoothies, shakes, and bars. With an additional 550 calories per day from regular groceries. Also paired with a vitamin B12 injection that replaces nutrients from the foods cut out of your normal diet.

Appetite Suppressants and Nutritional Counseling

Custom meal plans developed by staff with the goals of the patient in mind, ensuring they receive the right amount of calories and nutrients every day. The help of appetite suppressants can be employed to lessen the discomfort associated with switching to a new diet as well.

  • How much do these programs cost?
    A unique plan is developed for every patient, so the price will vary depending on individual requirements and how long you want your program to last. Payment plans and care credit are also offered.
  • Is HCG safe?
    Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is safe for use in healthy men and women under the guidance of a medical professional. It has no known clinical side effects, and exists in some quantity in every human tissue regardless of sex at birth. Our medical professionals ensure patients' compatibility with the drug during consultation.
  • What kind of appetite suppressants do you offer?
    We offer all natural appetite suppressants as well as different prescription suppressants. The specific choice is usually made by medical staff prior to the start of a plan.
  • What if I'm still hungry on any of these plans?
    Our plans are crafted to fight off hunger and cravings. However, if hunger still persists, our medical staff will adapt to your needs. This could mean increasing appetite suppressants used, making changes to food items, or other options.
  • What if I have diabetes?
    Unfortunately that makes you ineligible for a plan using HCG injections. The good news is that any of our other plans can be adapted to any of our patients' health conditions, including diabetes!
  • Is exercise required in any of these plans?
    Exercise is not required with any of our plans, but that doesn't mean it can't help! Our medical staff will provide recommendations on exercise levels with regards to your specific plan.
  • How easy will it be to keep off the weight?
    A properly designed and executed weight loss program will help you alter your metabolism, re-focus the attention of your stomach to healthier foods, and provide a structured eating routine that matches your metabolic balance at your new weight.
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